In recent years we have expanded our business by dealing with printing raw materials like lamination grade films (PVC and BOPP) and adhesives used in pasting, lamination, note-book binding and other printing process.

Lamination Films

In Films, we are dealers of Star and Paradise Films in India. We deal with two types of printing lamination films - PVC and BOPP.

In both the types we have films from 6 micron to 12 micron. Generally PVC Films are economial printing needs and BOPP Films is for high end lamination with glossy looks.

Lamination Adhesives

We are dealers of Visen Industries an ISO India-UAE based company in polymer emulsions. Visen has become one of the fastest growing emulsion manufacturing company in India with an annual turnover exceeding USD 50 million, a production base of 50,000 MT spread across 3 manufacturing units. Below are the specifications of the adhesives we deal with -

Product/Type Various Grades Suggested Application
VAM Homopolymer Visicol
Vee Bond
Adhesives with good bond strength, wet tack and workability for wood lamination, wood jointing, labeling, Art work, Pencil manufacture, Sports good manufacture & Misc. adhesive applications
VAM Co-polymer Visicol LM 5155 (s)
Visicol LM 5005
Visicol LM 5003
Visicol 5046
Visicol 5040
Wet lamination of films (BOPP, PVC, Polyester) to board with good bonding, gloss and workability.
VAM Co-polymer Visicol 5656
Visicol 5650

Sticker, stock labels, bindi etc. with good peel strength tack and clarity. Suitable for screen and machine applicability.
VAM Co-polymer Visicol 5555
Visicol 777
Visicol VS5
Adhesive for side pasting of laminated/varnished and unvarnished cartons, suitable for both hand and machine application.
All Acrylates Visicryl 8555
Adhesive for BOPP tapes

Strengths of Visen Industries adhesives -

  • Reputed brand in the industry
  • Core competence in emulsion polymerization
  • Consistent quality
  • High safety awareness
  • Large production capacity and bulk supply
  • Lower unit production cost
  • Diversified product range
  • Quest for growth & technology upgradation
  • Most competitive and contract purchase of raw materials from direct manufacturers

We offer different packing standards to suit each buyer's needs in local and international markets.

For rates and more information, please contact us.

Shipping & Delivery

Our goal is to deliver your purchase in the quickest and most economical way possible. We review each order individually, factoring in destination, weight and size of items. Shipping charges and delivery methods may be upgraded if consolidating items in your order will provide better shipping rates and times. The exact shipping amount for your entire order will be calculated when you place an order.

Shipping costs depend on:

  • options you choose
  • size and weight of the item
  • where the order is going

Shipping your items on time is very important to us. For many items, we calculate estimated delivery dates to help you find out when these items are expected to arrive.